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Bike been stolen? You need Sherlock!

Our unique tracker works very simply, it comes to you set up ready to go. 

  • Pair the device with your phone

  • Hide the tracker in the handlebars

  • Get your bike passport

  • Finished

Independently reviewed by Trivelo magazine 2021


Park Mode

If your bike is moved you get an immediate alert on your phone.

Apple iphone with sherlock app

Theft Mode

You can share the position of your bike thanks to a unique code.

sherlock app theft mode

Bike Passport

All the information on your bike in one place easy to download and share.

sherlock app bike passport

Featured Retailer of the week

ark cycles.png

The Ark Cycles

The Ark Cycles builds on 35 years of heritage established by their forerunner Noah's Cycles. They are situated in a Grade 2 listed building on the outskirts of Stroud directly linked by canal paths. At The Ark, they pride themselves in offering a personal service. They don't just sell and service bikes, they live and breathe bikes.

Noah's was best known for its mountain bikes but always stocked a wide variety of bikes with something for everyone. Ark built on this and have introduced a full range of electric bikes.
With the boom for two wheels showing no signs of slowing, Ark have been able to grow their business and continue to extend their range. With fantastic brands and support from their suppliers, they have managed to stay on top of stock levels despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ark continue to carry a wide range of bikes.