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Bike been stolen? You need Sherlock!

Our unique tracker works very simply, it comes to you set up ready to go. 

  • Pair the device with your phone

  • Hide the tracker in the handlebars

  • Get your bike passport

  • Finished

Independently reviewed by Trivelo magazine 2021


Park Mode

If your bike is moved you get an immediate alert on your phone.

Apple iphone with sherlock app

Theft Mode

You can share the position of your bike thanks to a unique code.

sherlock app theft mode

Bike Passport

All the information on your bike in one place easy to download and share.

sherlock app bike passport

Featured Retailer of the week



Rutland Cycling

Established in 1981, Rutland Cycling is now a second-generation family business with 14 stores and an industry-leading website. Rutland's stores feature dedicated Electric Bike Centres and offer a wide range of products and services to all types of cyclists, from children learning to ride their first bike, to performance athletes.

Much has changed in the world of cycling since 1981, but Rutland remain committed to the same vision: to inspire more people to get out and ride a bike. As Rutland has grown, its family values have helped them to build a strong team ethos and stay focused on delivering an excellent experience for their customers.

They believe passionately that to get more people making cycling part of their lives, you've got to make it convenient and easy. So, in Rutland Cycling stores, you can hire a bike or e-bike, get your own bike repaired or book a Retul bike fit 7 days a week, borrow a courtesy bike while your bike is serviced, and pick upcycle clothing, spares and accessories. 

Rutland have been voted Best Omnichannel Retailer by BikeBiz in 2020, Best Independent Cycling Retailer by BikeBiz in 2013, 2011 and 2010, as well as Total Women's Cycling Award for Best Independent Cycling Retailer in 2014, recognising their support for the long-underserved women's cycling market. In 2018 they picked up the Family Business Award for Retail Excellence. They stock Sherlock in-store and online. Rutland are also running a competition on their Instagram at the moment to win a free Sherlock so head over there to enter.