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sherlock being inserted into a bike

Will it fit my bike?

Sherlock is designed to fit in the handlebars of your bike, it is flexible and fits most bikes, curved or straight bars. Check if its compatible here before you buy

sherlock device in box

Whats in the box? 

Open your box, inside will be the tracker, a blue USB cable a cap to cover the charge point and a matching end cap for the other end of the handlebars

sherlock device being charged inside a bike

Setting Sherlock up

you will need, your sherlock - fully charged, your smart phone, a digital pic of you, a digital pic of your bike a note of the frame number (often found on the bottom of the frame) and of course your bike. Sherlock fits inside the handlebars. 

CHARGING: Please use a charger of 1.5amps or higher and charge your device for at least 8 hours the first time you use it. 

sherlock app on iphone

Download the app and pair with Sherlock

Download the app onto your smart phone, its available for IOS and android phones, available from Microsoft, google Playstore and Apple. Once its downloaded then you need to pair it with your sherlock device. If you have any difficulties then please contact tech support here

To pair sherlock to your phone, make sure that they are in close proximity to each other - a few centimetres - set your phones Bluetooth to search mode and then follow the prompts from your phone. 

sherlock bike passport screen on iphone

Set up your bike passport

The bike passport is unique to you and your bike - that's why you need a picture of you and then pictures of your bike. Make sure that you upload these into the bike passport following the instructions on your smartphone. 

If your bike is stolen, then all of the details are stored here for you. You will also be sent a unique code that can be sued to trace the location of your bike, you can give this to the police to help in the recovery of your bike

sherlock app on iphone screen showing park mode

Park Mode and if my bike is moved

You must put your bike in park mode whenever you leave it and then UNPARK it when you come back to it. This is a simple thing to do, hold your phone close to Sherlock and slide the button over it will appear blue, and your good to go.  

If your bike is stolen or moved then you will receive an alert and your screen will turn orange. This is theft mode and you will see a code number appear, use this code to track your bikes location or give it to the Police so they can help recover your stolen bike. 

Other FAQ's

Recharging your sherlock is easy. There is a 2m long USB cable supplied, either plug this into the mains using a USB adaptor or use a portable power pack. You should recharge weekly or if the app indicates a low battery, it will take about 4 hours for a full charge and we recommend you do this overnight. 

How does my smartphone talk to Sherlock. It connects via Bluetooth, our advice is that when you want to pair, put it into our take it out of park mode, or make changes to the reporting frequency, you make sure your device and sherlock are within 500mm of each other. 

I moved my bike without UNPARKING it. Don't worry, first of all you will find that your device has gone to theft mode, you can simply ignore this as you know the bike is with you. Unpark your bike as normal and then park it again, this will also reset the bikes true location and not where it was when you last parked it. 

I cannot clear the last park location. The most likely reason is that your smartphone and sherlock are too far apart for the Bluetooth to connect, simply move it closer. The other possible reason is a very low battery on Sherlock, try recharging it and try again. 

My question isn't answered here, what do I do? the easiest thing to do is pop us an email here, explain your query to us and we will get the right person from our team to answer your question and help you.