One every 7 minutes - that's how often a bike is stolen in England and Wales.

Updated: Jul 29

£30 Million Pounds worth of bikes stolen in 2020. According to some of the latest figures released there were 74,573 bikes reported as stolen in England and Wales last year (Source: cycling industry news / Bikmo) its staggering figures that has now clearly reached epidemic proportions.

Very few of these bikes are recovered, as an example the Metropolitain Police only recovered 886 bikes (not all intact) many of which couldn't be re-united with thier owners. Just to put that into context there were 2324 reported bike thefts in the London Borough of Hackney alone, an increase of 46% on 2019. In August 2020, the Met raided a single property in Hackney and recovered 118 bikes with an estimated value of £30,000 and in Greater Manchester this month, 68 bikes stolen bikes were recovered from one property alone - the Police there are now trying to reunite them with thier owners.

Reuniting owners and bikes is a huge challenge, many owners dont keep the records that they need to make sure they can get the bike back. That includes details of the bike, frame number, photos, invoices - even service records can help.

The cost of all this is vast, with the average cost of bike replacement climbing, leaving consumers out of pocket after the insurance company has paid out. In the meantime the shortage of bikes in shops as a result of both the Pandemic and Brexit continues to be an issue where owners are unable to replace their trusty two wheeled friend.

It's where Sherlock comes into its own, the unique bike passport allows the owner to carry all that information, instantly downloadable so you can have it as a hard copy so you can prove its your bike. Of course, having one also allows you to track your bike to the location its being stored in, information you can pass to the Police and ask them for assistance in recovering your property. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to tackle the thief yourself.

Dont let yourself be one of the 7 minute victims, head to one of our retailers right now and protect your bike.

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