Sherlock Bike Tracker  comes set up and ready to go, all you need do is install it into your bike which is a simple and quick process. 

Sherlock standard bike tracker

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What we say: This works in conjunction with the free-to-download Sherlock app (available for iOS or Android).

Once the app is launched, create a bike profile, adding a picture of your bike, the frame number, and details such as make and model and then pair it to the GPS.

You then install the device in your bars. As the 11.5cm, 40g plastic tube is flexible it’ll work with most drop and straight handlebars (you can check online). Simply pop your bar end and slide the GPS in.

We found the fit to be snug (so no rattling about) with the integrated bar end keeping things firmly in place. There’s even a twin bar end included in the box so you can match things up on the other side.

The device is charged via the USB port and cable with a single two-hour charge providing around two-weeks’ worth of juice. You then simply activate  Sherlock via the app whenever you leave your bike unattended. 

You’ll be sent an alert if the bike is moved and you’ll be able to track where it is via the wonder of Google Maps.