Follow the simple step by step instructions below to set up your Sherlock 

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How to set up your Sherlock

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Welcome to your easy set up guide, simply follow these instructions to get the best out of your Sherlock product.


  • Take your Sherlock out of the box and connect it to a mains power supply – make sure that you use a 2amp adaptor plug for the USB lead, if you don’t do this, then your device will not charge properly or even not at all.

  • Once connected charge it for at least 8 hours, we know you want to connect it straight away but you also need to help the batteries out here.

  • Download the Sherlock app from either iOS or android

  • Take a photograph of your bike, you with your bike, and your sales invoice.

  • Write down the serial number for your bike.


Once your Sherlock device is fully charged, you’re ready to complete the installation process.


  • Get your bike

  • If you have a grip set on, then remove whichever bar end you are going to use.

  • Check to see if Sherlock will fit inside WITHOUT the waterproof end cap, if it doesn’t then take a little bit of light sandpaper and smooth down the hexagonal end so it's round, this won't damage your device.

  • Put in two photos to demo

  • Insert Sherlock into the end of the handlebar set.

  • Open the App and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • In some cases the App and device will go through a firmware update, this is not unusual.

  • When you are pairing Sherlock for the first time, this may take a few minutes to complete, this is normal when pairing for the first time. Once it has paired then normal day to day use is very quick.

  • You must keep your iOS or Android device within 50cms of Sherlock when you pair it.


Now you're paired, and you have put all your information into the app that you need to, its time for you to go out safe and secure knowing that the No 1 bike tracker in the UK is protecting your bike

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